Columbia University MOOC Lectures

Professor Alice Kessler-Harris talks with scholars about the history of women’s work in this Massive Open Online Course from Columbia University in collaboration with New-York Historical.

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Settler Colonialism and the American Revolution, 1692-1783

Republican Women

Alice Kessler-Harris overviews women’s duties and participation in society in the immediate aftermath of the American Revolution.

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A Nation Divided, 1832-1877

Enslaved Women on the Plantations with Deborah Gray White

Alice Kessler-Harris discusses the experience of enslaved Black women with Deborah Gray White. Content warning: This video discusses sexual assault and physical violence.

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Modernizing America, 1889-1920

Women’s Citizenship Extended and Redefined

Alice Kessler-Harris examines how women’s citizenship in the early 20th century was tied to marriage.

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Modernizing America, 1889-1920

Black Clubwomen in the late 19th Century

Alice Kessler-Harris discusses how Black women organized in the Progressive Era to support their communities with Deborah Gray White.

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Confidence and Crises, 1920-1948

The Gendered Impact of the Great Depression

Alice Kessler-Harris explores some of the impacts of the Great Depression on women’s work and domestic life.

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Growth and Turmoil, 1948-1977

Changing the Law to Achieve Equality

Alice Kessler-Harris outlines the historical context in which people advocated for equality in the 1970s.

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