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Mexican Women Unionize

A pair of newspaper articles that follow the story of laundry workers in El Paso, Texas who formed a union and fought against unfair labor practices.


Waged Industrial Work

Two images that show women at work in different settings: at home in an urban tenement and in a factory in the rural South. The images also point to the challenges of working motherhood.


Exercise and Functional Fashion

Three outfits representative of the fashions designed to support women as they engaged in new forms of recreation, including bicycling and exercise classes. A companion art activity accompanies this resource.


Recruiting Women to the War Effort

Three colorful World War I propaganda posters that represent the different types of war work available to women and present a stereotypical view of the young beautiful war worker. A companion art activity accompanies this resource.


What is Feminism?

An advertisement for a feminist mass meeting in New York City that includes an outline of topics up for discussion and a list of some of the city’s most prominent feminist radicals.


Election Day 1920

The front page of the "The West Virginian" newspaper on Election Day 1920, the first national election after the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment.

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