Life Story: Jovita Idar Juárez (1885–1946)

Preserving Hispanic Heritage through Journalism and Education

The story of a newspaper reporter and publisher who advocated for the preservation of Hispanic heritage through education and social services.

An image of Jovita Idar from a postcard, pictured at a printing press with two young men beside her.
Jovita Idar

Helaine Victoria Press, Jovita Idar (1885-1946) [postcard], 1986. W075_029, Feminist Postcard Collection, Archives for Research on Women and Gender. Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University.

Suggested Activities

  • AP Government Connection: 3.10: Social movements and equal protection
  • Explore the experience of Mexican and Mexican American women during this era. Read Jovita’s life story in combination with the story of the El Paso laundry strike.
  • Compare the life stories of Jovita Idar Juárez and Zitkala-Sa. How did each woman work to legitimize her culture and resist xenophobic policies and belief systems? How did the issue of education play a role in each woman’s work?
  • Combine Jovita’s life story with the life stories of Ida B. WellsElizabeth Cochrane (aka Nellie Bly), and Edith Maude Eaton, all of whom used a career in journalism to advocate for social reform.