Life Story: Ellen Ochoa (1958– )

The story of a scientist who became the first Latina in space.

Ellen Ochoa

Portrait of NASA Astronaut Ellen Ochoa wearing a blue flight suit, January 10, 1997. NASA on The Commons, via flickr.

Ellen Ochoa in the aft flight deck

STS056-04-008 – STS-056 – Crewmember in the aft flight deck, April 17, 1993. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center/National Archives.

Astronaut Ellen Ochoa carries her son Wilson

NASA Johnson, Astronaut Ellen Ochoa, mission specialist, carries her son Wilson Miles-Ochoa following the STS-96 crew return at Ellington Field, June 7, 1999. NASA Johnson, on flickr.