Life Story: Nancy Sanchez (1931– )

Physical Therapist and Vietnam War Veteran

This resource is adapted from the New-York Historical Society’s The Vietnam War: 1945-1975 curriculum.

Nancy Sanchez with a patient

Nancy Sanchez with a patient, ca.1971. Photograph. Aida Nancy Sanchez Collection, The Women’s Memorial Foundation Collection

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Suggested Activities

  • Invite students to learn more about Nancy Sanchez and practice the work of a historian by viewing additional images and reading her letters and oral history on the Veterans History Project website
  • Explore the history of America’s role in the Vietnam War through the experiences of women by connecting this life story with the Pendergrass letters, photographs of women in Hanoi, and the life story of Bella Abzug
  • Both Nancy Sanchez and Antonia Pantoja were Puerto Rican women who spent the majority of their lives in the United States. Compare their experiences. How did each define their relationship to the United States?



New-York Historical Society Curriculum Library Connections

  • Learn more about America’s involvement in the Vietnam War by connecting Nancy’s life story to the many resources in New-York Historical Society’s curriculum guide The Vietnam War: 1945–1975.
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