Life Story: Ellen Ochoa

Life Story: Ellen Ochoa Ellen Ochoa Portrait of NASA Astronaut Ellen Ochoa wearing a blue flight suit, January 10, 1997. NASA on The Commons, via flickr. Ellen Ochoa in the aft flight deck STS056-04-008 - STS-056 - Crewmember in the aft flight deck, April 17, 1993. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center/National Archives. Astronaut Ellen Ochoa carries her son Wilson NASA Johnson, Astronaut Ellen Ochoa, mission specialist, carries her son Wilson Miles-Ochoa following the STS-96 crew return at Ellington Field, June 7, 1999. NASA Johnson, on flickr. Ellen Ochoa was born in Los Angeles, California, on May 10, 1958. She was the middle of five


Life Story: Ann Bancroft

Life Story: Ann Bancroft Ann Bancroft Ann Bancroft. Courtesy Bancroft Arnesen Explore (BAE). Skis used during the North Pole expedition Epoke Ski Co., Skis used during the North Pole expedition, ca. 1986. Minnesota Historical Society. Wristwatch used by Ann Bancroft Wristwatch used by Ann Bancroft. Minnesota Historical Society. Finbar hood used by Ann Bancroft Innovations by Finbar, Finbar hood used by Ann Bancroft, ca. 1992. Minnesota Historical Society. Sleeping pad used during the Bancroft-Arnesen Expedition Sleeping pad used during the Bancroft-Arnesen Expedition, 2000-2001. Minnesota Historical Society. Sunglasses