Life Story: Caroline Ga-ha-no Parker Mountpleasant

Life Story: Caroline Ga-ha-no Parker Mountpleasant Caroline Ga-Ha-No Parker Mountpleasant Image of Caroline Parker Mountpleasant, 1892. Rochester Museum and Science Center. Caroline Ga-ha-no Parker Mountpleasant was born into the Seneca Wolf Clan around the year 1826. Her mother, Elizabeth, was a Clan Mother and related to an important chief. Seneca society is matrilineal, so Caroline inherited her place in the Wolf Clan from her mother. The Wolf Clan had a long history of leadership within the larger Seneca Nation, so her family and community may have expected Caroline to assume a leadership role as she grew older. Caroline’s father, William, was a respected warrior who rose to fame during the War of 1812. William and Elizabeth had seven children. Caroline was the only girl. Caroline grew up


Government Aid for Families

Government Aid for Families “Why Every Woman in America Should Beware of Welfare Cuts” Advertisement “Why Every Woman in America Should Beware of Welfare Cuts,” The New York Times, August 8, 1995. Document Text Why every woman in America should beware of welfare cuts. Welfare is the ultimate security policy for every woman in America. Like accident or life insurance, you hope you’ll never need it. But for yourself and your family, sisters, daughters and friends, you need to know it’s there. Without it, we have no real escape from brutal relationships or any protection in a job market hostile to women with children. Why is Congress trying to take it away? Imagine the worst. You’re laid off from your job. You lose your health insurance. Your marriage falls apart.


Life Story: Mary Ann Shadd Cary

Life Story: Mary Ann Shadd Cary Mary Ann Shadd Cary Mary Ann Shadd Cary. Courtesy of National Archives of Canada, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. Mary Ann Shadd was born on October 9, 1823, in Wilmington, Delaware. Her father, Abraham, was a shoemaker. Her mother, Harriet, cared for the family home and raised their thirteen children. Mary Ann was their oldest child.  The Shadd family seemed like a typical middle-class, free Black family to outsiders, but they had a secret. Abraham and Harriet were part of the Underground Railroad, a network of activists who helped enslaved people escape from their enslavers. The work was dangerous. If they were discovered, they might be forced to pay huge fines or attacked by angry enslavers. But Abraham and Harriet believed


Life Story: Lydia Carter

Life Story: Lydia Carter Illustration "View of Brainerd" Elias Cornelius, “Illustration "View of Brainerd," The little Osage captive : an authentic narrative (York: Printed & published by W. Alexander & Son, 1821). New-York Historical Society Library. Lydia Carter was born into a chaotic and violent world. Her parents lived in Pasgua, an Osage town located in what we today call Rogers County, Oklahoma. There is no record of Lydia’s Osage name. The Osage is an Indigenous nation that lived on lands in present-day Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. The U.S. government laid claim to those lands with the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Under the direction of U.S. Indian Agent William Lewis, the Osage were forced out of parts of their territory before Lydia was born. At the