Life Story: Lydia Carter

Life Story: Lydia Carter Illustration "View of Brainerd" Elias Cornelius, “Illustration "View of Brainerd," The little Osage captive : an authentic narrative (York: Printed & published by W. Alexander & Son, 1821). New-York Historical Society Library. Lydia Carter was born into a chaotic and violent world. Her parents lived in Pasgua, an Osage town located in what we today call Rogers County, Oklahoma. There is no record of Lydia’s Osage name. The Osage is an Indigenous nation that lived on lands in present-day Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. The U.S. government laid claim to those lands with the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Under the direction of U.S. Indian Agent William Lewis, the Osage were forced out of parts of their territory before Lydia was born. At the