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Project Director
Leslie Hayes, Vice President for Education
Mia Nagawiecki, Vice President for Education (former)

Project Manager
Kelly I. Aliano, Ph.D., Manager of Education Special Projects
Lee Boomer, Manager of Education Special Projects (former)

Early Encounters (original version 2018), Settler Colonialism and the Revolution, Building a New Nation, A Nation Divided, Expansions and Inequalities: Allyson Schettino, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Modernizing America, Confidence and Crises, Growth and Turmoil: Leslie Hayes, Vice President for Education
Early Encounters (revision 2024), Industry and Empire, End of the Twentieth Century: Samantha Rijkers, Senior Manager of the Citizenship Project

Contributing Writers
Art Activities: Schuyler Schuler, Manager of Professional Learning; Daniel De Santis, Manager of Visual Arts Programs (former); Emily Long, Educator
History @ Home Lesson Plans: Leslie Hayes, Director of Education; Lee Boomer, Manager of Education Special Projects; Samantha Rijkers, Senior Manager of the Citizenship Project; Schuyler Schuler, Manager of Professional Learning; Marianne De Padua, Assistant Manager of Professional Learning
Black Citizenship in the Age of Jim Crow
, Hudson Rising, The Vietnam War: 1945-1975, and Chinese American: Exclusion/Inclusion New-York Historical Society Curriculum Writer: Marjorie Waters

Research Associates
Early Encounters, Settler Colonialism and the Revolution, Building a New Nation, A Nation Divided, Industry and Empire, Growth and Turmoil: Regan Loggans
Modernizing America: Tamar Rabinowitz, Ph.D.
Confidence and Crises: Akane Okoshi

Scholarly Advisors
Early Encounters (original 2018): Susanah Shaw Romney, Ph.D., New York University
Early Encounters (revision 2024): Virginie Adane, Ph.D., Nantes University; Laura Chmielewski, Ph.D., Purchase College; Alejandra Dubcovsky, Ph.D., University of California, Riverside; Holly White, Ph.D., Colonial Williamsburg
Settler Colonialism and the Revolution: Carol Berkin, Ph.D., CUNY Graduate Center
Building a New Nation: Kathleen Duval, Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
A Nation Divided: Barbara Krauthamer, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Amherst
Industry and Empire: Michele Mitchell, Ph.D., New York University
Modernizing America: Nancy Woloch, Ph.D., Barnard College
Confidence and Crises: Kathy Peiss, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Growth and Turmoil: Kirsten Swinth, Ph.D., Fordham University
Expansions and Inequalities: Cate Denial, Ph.D., Knox College
End of the Twentieth Century: Kirsten Swinth, Ph.D., Fordham University

Project Advisors
Valerie Paley, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Sue Ann Weinberg Director of the Patricia D. Klingenstein Library
Laura Mogulescu, Curator of Women’s History Collections, Center for Women’s History
Anna Danziger Halperin, Ph.D., Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Women’s History and Public History, New-York Historical Society
The Scholarly Advisory Committee of the New-York Historical Society Center for Women’s History
Nick Juravich, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History and Labor Studies, University of Massachusetts Boston

Project Assistance
Regan Loggans
Elizabeth Scully
David Silvernail

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Piotr Kapela, Web Manager
Eleanor Gillers, Supervisor of Rights & Reproductions
Dayna Bealy, Rights Clearance Coordinator (former)
Jessica Glasscock, Rights Clearance Coordinator
Frannie Ruch, Rights & Permissions (former)
Albert Min, Web Manager (former)
Jerome Tan, Web Manager (former)

Teacher Advisors
Early Encounters: John Carter, Valentine Edgar, Sarah Fischer, Ira Glasser, Aaron Hull, Aaron Johnson, Sari Rosenberg, Jennifer Stalec, Nina Wohl, Rachel Worrell
Settler Colonialism and the Revolution: Lise Brown, Tracy Garrison-Feinberg, Sari Rosenberg, Andy Scopp, Jennifer Stalec, Nina Wohl, Rachel Worrell
Building a New Nation: Jenny Aaron, Nicole Maffei, Amanda Perschall, Divya Seshadri, Jennifer Stalec
A Nation Divided: Teri Buch, Olivia Chase, Julia Clinton, Katie Dineen, Jeff Huggins, Mark Klarman, Sari Rosenberg, Andy Scopp, Jennifer Stalec, Kemy Wahpepah, Nina Wohl
Industry and Empire: Katherine Bateman, Katie Dineen, Mark Klarman, Mike Ochs, Sari Rosenberg, Jennifer Stalec,
Modernizing America: Barry Butters, John Carter, Noreen Coughlin, Dunja Froman, Ira Glasser, Kanene Holder, Aaron Hull, Mark Klarman, Sari Rosenberg, Jennifer Stalec, Nina Wohl
Confidence and Crises: Ira Glasser, Mark Klarman, Lisa Jane Shuman, Jennifer Stalec, Kathleen Walter, Nina Wohl
Growth and Turmoil: Julia Clinton, Noreen Coughlin, Katie Dineen, Jeff Huggins, Mark Klarman, Sari Rosenberg, Jennifer Stalec, Nina Wohl

Copy Editor
Joyce Markovics
Ken Priester
Gemma Kaneko

Carmen del Camino Martínez, Reyes Rojas García, Eric Ruijssenaars, Anthony Stevens-Acevedo, Aaron Taylor

New-York Historical Society Teen Leader Video Creators
Sabrina Barton, Sumaya Bouhbal, Kaylynn Chen, Mayanka Dhingra, Rachel (Axis) Familant, Talia Idelson, Sage Lattman, Jillian Louie, Arielle Moreau, Denizcan Ozdemir, Marissa Rivera, Astrid Weinberg

Special Thanks
Carol Berkin, Ph.D.
Jane Landers, Ph.D.
Kathleen Duval, Ph.D.
Emily Clark, Ph.D.
Laura Chmielewski, Ph.D.
Andrew Lipman, Ph.D.
Kimberly Gauderman, Ph.D.
Julie B. Greene
Agnès Vatican
Jennifer L. Morgan, Ph.D.
Dr. Wendy Martin, Ph.D.
Ramona Hernandez, Ph.D., Director, CUNY Dominican Studies Institute & Professor of Sociology
Anthony Stevens, CUNY Dominican Studies Institute
Carmen del Camino Martínez, Ph.D., Professor of Historiographic Sciences and Techniques of the University of Seville
Reyes Rojas García, Ph.D., Higher Technician of Archives at Archivo General de Indias
Michele Mitchell, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, NYU
Mireya Loza, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Food Studies, NYU
Thomas A. Guglielmo, Ph.D., Associate Professor of American Studies, The George Washington University
Martha Jones, Ph.D.
Dierdre Cooper Owens, Ph.D.
Kellie Carter Jackson, Ph